OOFOS Recovery Footwear


Recovery Shoes. A Trend? Or the new necessity?

We recently had an opportunity to try out OOFOS brand recovery footwear for ourselves.

Your feet earned this. With the regular beatings our feet take on the trail, some times more than simply resting the hounds is required to be ready for the next peak. We dig the idea of recovery shoes. If we could speed up or improve recovery, why wouldn’t we?


We specifically tried the Original $45, and Sport $60 (pictured) versions of the OOFOS.

Fit was great, the arch and heel felt supported and secure.  Even from barefoot, wearing these was immediately more comfortable than anything we’ve put on our feet before! This durable OOFoam was certainly strategically designed. The foam absorbs a lot of shock for a comfy natural step.

OOFos have a pretty unique tread pattern that held up well around camp in the Rocky Mountains but could have done better in water. They felt hike ready, but they aren’t designed to offer any toe protection. For that reason, we recommend them for always at home, anywhere flip flops are acceptable, and sometimes at camp if conditions make sense.

Photo Jul 27, 12 50 50 PM

OOFos are machine washable and the colors/material held up exceptionally well. We were tough on them. The bacteria-resistant material, held no stink, cleans easily, and showed no sign of wear after washing. Overall our feet felt great any time they were in OOFos. They have become a staple around the house, and in the car for driving home from the trail head!

Pick up a pair, and #feeltheOO for yourself! oofos.com

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